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Oils, Etc.

Oil paints consist of pigment suspended in a drying oil. Centuries of masterpieces have been rendered with this medium. It is one of the easiest and versatile mediums offering rich luminous colors, excellent for blending, creating brush strokes and glazing.

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Encaustics, an ancient Greek wax-based medium offers great potential for layering, texture, illusions of space and surprises. This medium has unmatched depth, luminosity, and maintains its clarity and brilliance of color for thousands of years.

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Encaustic Portraits (Human and Animal)

Created entirely with pigmented beeswax fused to wood, these portraits hark back to the methods used in ancient Greek and Egyptian art of 2000+ years.

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Plein Air

Plein Air is a term derived from the French phrase en plein aire. Painting is done outdoors working in natural light.

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Stop and Stay Put

View the 24 oil paintings created for the book STOP AND STAY PUT: A GUIDE TO SAFER ADVENTURES OUTDOORS