Stop and Stay Put: A Guide to Safer Adventures Outdoors

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Kaye Hall’s Stop and Stay Put is a Must Read. This book will save lives and prepare children and their parents for safe and enjoyable adventures outdoors.

  • It is a story that entertains,
  • Empowers readers by introducing them to basic wilderness survival skills,
  • And is designed for children and adults.

With nature as its setting, Colin and Katy embark on an adventure.  With the help of a heroic search dog, they learn how to keep from getting lost and how to be safer if lost in the woods.

The accompanying CD of  SAFER Song, and A Word from the Animals, helps imprint the book’s key concepts on its readers and listeners.  Oil paintings by Kaye Hall are of her own search dog, Julot, and can be viewed on the PAINTING page of this website.


“During my years as a trailing canine handler, I have participated in many searches for missing persons including preschoolers to octogenarians. I have presented of countless demonstrations on outdoor safety to school children.  These experiences have convinced me good materials are needed to support the success of search and rescue missions, and ultimately to reduce the necessity of searches.

That need  inspired this book, which addresses:

Keeping children from getting lost;

Helping them to make good decisions once they are lost, scared or tired;

Helping them to trust searching adults and dogs;

Encouraging family members and law enforcers to report and start searches quickly.”


Watch the Book Trailer Here

Hear the featured song S.A.F.E.R, written by 2 time Emmy Award winner Rita Abrams with Kaye Hall, and sung by Mike Shapiro, Ryan Lee Nelson, Sebastian Gonzalez, Juan Cerda and Jayson Solais from the Companion CD that comes with each Book!


Stop and Stay Put, by Kaye Hall, is an excellent story to share with your children before taking them on that first hike or family vacation.  The story and lessons learned will serve your children and you for a lifetime as you explore the wilderness, or step off the well traveled path.  After participating in the search and rescue of children and adults for the past thirty-six years, I wish everyone had taken the time to read Kaye’s book.  Sheriff Doug Koford, Napa County Sheriff, California, U.S.A.
ENDORSED BY CARDA — California Rescue Dog Association. CARDA is the largest and most geographically dispersed search dog organization in California and is a direct resource for the California Emergency Management Agency.  Established in 1976 and considered the premier search dog organization in the nation, CARDA and its standards serve as a model for other search dog teams.

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